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DevDDS01E01.720p.mkv.hindi web series 151M
DevDDS01E02.720p.mkv.hindi web series 133M
DevDDS01E03.720p.mkv.hindi web series 153M
DevDDS01E04.720p.mkv.hindi web series 135M
DevDDS01E05.720p.mkv.hindi web series 177M
DevDDS01E06.720p.mkv.hindi web series 163M
DevDDS01E07.720p.mkv.hindi web series 165M
DevDDS01E08.720p.mkv.hindi web series 213M
Dev DD 2017 S01 E09 Hindi 480p x264 WEB-HD.mkv – 146.5 MB
Dev DD 2017 S01 E10 Hindi 480p x264 WEB-HD.mkv – 113.2 MB
Dev DD 2017 S01 E11 Hindi 480p x264 WEB-HD.mkv – 125.8 MB

Dev DD Season 1 Complete AltBalaji All Episode 720p  x264 Download


index of dev dd

ActorSanjay Suri, Akhil Kapur, Rashmi Agdekar 

DirectorKen Ghosh

Release: 2017

Genre: Drama,Romance,

Language: hindi

3/5 [2 votes]

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In this modern-day take on Devdas, Devika is anything but your typical girl-next-door. With masaledaar drama, heartbreak, and unpredictable romantic twists, you’ve never met a girl like Devika DD. Will she ever find true love? Watch her saga of love, lust, betrayal, and everything in between to find out.

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  3. Dev DD is a very nice series I love it

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